Dabur Dashmularishta Syrup 450 ml


Mkt: Dabur India Ltd * Country of Origin: India



Dashmularishta is a potent formulation for women. It combines the goodness of dashmool with other herbs and natural extracts. Dashmularishta cures post-partum and uterine infections, general weakness in women and resolves lactation issues. It eliminates bacteria from your system, boosts immunity and gives strength.
  • Dashmularishta is enriched in natural vitamins and minerals which helps you recuperate fast and increases lactation.
  • Helps in Increasing Appetite
  • Reduces Post-Partum Fever
  • Takes Care of Digestive Diseases
You must consume Dashmularishta twice a day, immediately after meals to experience the tremendous effects of this herb.
Key Ingredients: Bilva Root, Agnimantha root, Shynaka root, Patala root, Kashmari/Gambhari root, Brihati root, Kantakari root, Shalaparni root, Prishnaparni root, Gokshura root


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