Lal PathLabs Health Packages

Original price was: ₹1,399.00.Current price is: ₹1,300.00.

Full body checkup prices in Dr. Lal pathlabs range from Rs 799 to Rs 2599. There are packages which may cost up to Rs 4800 but these are not very popular. For Updated Test Rates call 09140250569


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For Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh Only

List of Dr. Lal PathLabs Packages

Package Name Numbers of Parameters Offer Price
Available In Northern India (Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, H.P., J&K, UP, Rajasthan)
Swasth Plus Basic 22 Tests (46 Parameters) Rs 1399/-
Swasth Plus Advance 42 Tests (66 Parameters) Rs 2599/-
Available in Rest of India
Swasth Super 1 22 Tests  Rs 999/-
Swasth Super 2 37 Tests Rs 1299
Swasth Super 3 25 Tests  Rs 1999/-
Swasth Super 4 39 Tests  Rs 2299/-

Actual prices may vary depending on the city of service Or Updated By Dr Lal Path Labs. For Updated  prices  Call 09140250569


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