Microtek IT 1520 Non-Contact Infra Red Thermometer

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Product highlights
  • Infrared thermometer to accurately measure temperature without coming in contact with the body or object
  • Displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit along with a colour range
  • Easy to use and read the temperature on a backlit screen
  • Includes temperature alarm and can store up to 32 readings
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Information about Microtek IT 1520 Non-Contact Infra Red Thermometer

Microtek IT 1520 Infrared Thermometer
Advanced technology products can measure the temperature of a human body by receiving the infrared energy emitted from the human body. It can also measure the temperature of a room and any object. It is ultra-fast, accurate and switchable with a fever alarm.Microtek portable infrared thermometer, with many features available, the basic function is very similar in almost all models. The first step is to take a measure, determining the target you want. All thermometers controlled by infrared lasers no matter how they are designed will have ways to “identify” the tool on the target. Some versions are simply made in such a way that targeting is a target. Some have a guide such as a laser location, or a group of laser markers that indicate the target area. The temperature measurement is taken when the “trigger” is activated. This is usually a button located under the pyrometer (gun style), or higher (television remote control style). The accuracy of the measure depends on certain factors.

Everything that is liquid, solid, or gas – is constantly exchanging hot energy in the form of electric radiation and the environment. If there is a temperature difference between the object in question and the environment, there will be a complete heat transfer in the form of heat. This means that the cold object will be heated carelessly around the environment, and then the warm object will be cooled. If the object in question is at the same ambient temperature, the net radiation energy exchange will be zero. In any case, the magnitude of the radiation signals depends on the object and the total ambient temperature relative to zero completely (0 K, -273.16 ° C, -459.69 ° F). Microtek Infrared thermometers take advantage of this “radiation dependence” at temperatures to produce the target object and show the results for the operator to read.

This infrared thermometer is used to accurately measure the body or core temperature of the body or an object without coming in contact with it.

Product Specification and Features:

  • Calibration- Quick and easy calibration feature for accurate temperature reading
  • Easy to use- One-key measurement, auto shutdown, ergonomic and energy-saving design
  • Non-contact- Measure the temperature from the forehead of the human body without touching the skin
  • Screen display- Large screen with backlight which helps to see readings in all lighting conditions
  • Colour range of temperature- Green: T< 99.1°F, Orange: 99.1°F-100.2°F, Red: T>100.2°F
  • 3-in-1 measurement- Body, object and room temperature
  • °C and °F switchable- Easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Temperature alarm and memory- In case of high temperature gives audio and visual indications and you can store up to 32 readings

Directions For Use:

  • Start by inserting the batteries
  • Press the trigger (T) button after showing the thermometer to your body and view °F readings
  • Press mode (M) button to view results in °C

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool, dry, safe place to avoid physical damage
  • Do not leave your child alone while having their temperature taken


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