SERVOTECH / Other BrandOxygen Concentrator (0.5-10 Liter Per Minute) | Oxygen Concentration Purity 93% ± 3% at Full 10 LPM |

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Other Brand / Servotech

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  • ADVANCED OPTIONS: Servotech’s 10 Oxygen Concentrator devices are equipped with an alarm function, high and low-pressure alarm function, power loss alert feature, and low oxygen concentration alarm function that help users and caregivers keep ahead.
  • OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR for HOME & MEDICAL SPACES -USE: The purpose of this equipment is to give a continuous supply of oxygen in the privacy of one’s own home. It meets a patient’s clinical needs so that he or she can maintain their independence and quality of life. Oxygen concentration can be adjusted, and the flow rate can range from 1 to 10 litres per minute.
  • PURITY: Servotech’s 10 Ltr. Oxygen Concentrator can provide a continuous oxygen supply of up to 93 percent between 1 and 10LPM and adjustable oxygen concentration-providing a continuous flow of 1 to 10L/min.
  • PSA: When filtered air travels through one of the Molecular Sieves, the Molecular Sieves use the Pressure Swing Adsorption Technique, also known as PSA, to produce pure oxygen. Under regular working conditions, ten thousand hours can be worked.
  • PORTABLE: Servotech’s 10 Ltr. Oxygen Concentrator weighs between 19 and 27 kilogrammes and is paired with wheels so that it can be readily moved from one spot to another by an elderly persons and well as caregivers.


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