Renal Profile/Renal Function Test (RFT/KFT)

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For Prayagraj Uttat Pradesh only
Also Known as Kidney Function Test, Kidney Profile, KFT
No special preparation is required
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A renal (kidney) panel, also known as Kidney Profile or Kidney Function Test (KFT), is a group of tests that help in determining the health of kidneys by evaluating various parameters, such as proteins, electrolytes, minerals, and blood sugar.

The renal profile test is done:
• As a routine check-up.
• For the early screening of kidney diseases in people having risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
• To diagnose kidney disorders or diseases.
• To monitor the treatment of kidney diseases.

tests included

  • blood urea nitrogen
  • urea – serum
  • creatinine, serum
  • phosphorus, inorganic – serum
  • uric acid – serum
  • calcium, serum
  • chloride – serum
  • potassium – serum / plasma
  • sodium – serum


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