Think carefully before eating any other thing with papaya

Unhealthy Food: Papaya is such a fruit which is very easy to digest and its taste does not decrease even when eaten. But, one should think carefully before eating any other thing with papaya because there are many foods which can prove to be harmful for health if eaten with papaya. Let us know which food combination is bad with papaya and why you should not eat them with papaya.

Papaya and Lemon
The combination of lemon and papaya is said to be fatal. These two especially should not be eaten together. This causes anemia and hemoglobin imbalance and can cause huge damage to children.

Papaya and Orange
Like lemon, orange is also sour while papaya is a sweet fruit. Eating these two together has an adverse effect on the body, which can cause upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Papaya and Yogurt
Although curd is often eaten with many fruits, but it is advised to avoid consuming it with papaya, one of the reasons being that both of them have different cold and hot effects. Skin allergy can occur if eaten together.

Papaya and Watermelon
Be it watermelon or melon, it is best to eat them alone. These fruits have high water content and they digest fast. Eating these with any other fruit can cause stomach upset.

Papaya and Cucumber
Cucumber is also a cold effect food which is not eaten with papaya. On eating these two together, there can be a problem of cold and heat in the body and it can even lead to cold and flu.

Please Consult your dietician before going to any opinion.